Finding a Higher Purpose


Don’t worry about trying to find your life purpose. Instead, start by action on the small things that excite you each day. These are the threads that will connect you to your path, passion and cause of life.

Jessica Hagy, dalam bukunya: “How to Be Interesting” lagi-lagi bisa mengulas dan mengilustrasikan sebuah insight melalui grafik sederhana yang sungguh mampu bercerita lebih jauh.

Seringkali kita miss dalam menentukan purpose of life kita, bahkan tak sedikit yang masih gamang dalam memastikan apa sebenarnya passion-nya.

So, semoga sketsa himpunan irisan di atas lebih bisa membantu kita dalam memetakan antara “cause”, “passion” dan “purpose”… 😀




    1. Jessica Hagy, in his book: “How to Be Interesting” is able to review and illustrate an insight through a simple chart that really talks further.

      We often miss in determining the purpose of our life, not even a little bit which remain uncertain in making sure what exactly our passion.

      So, hopefully sketch set the slices on top so will help us in mapping between “cause”, “passion” and “purpose” … 😀

      Cheers …

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